Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an example of service to others in our giving of time, resources, and ourselves; out of love for the betterment of children, adults, families and the community. We strive to make a difference in someone's life one person at a time and to share his or her success stories with others as a true example that all things are possible, and can be achieved, to those who believe

"Your support of The Trufant Family Foundation provides funds to programs that directly serve the needs of children that are disadvantaged and who have health and wellness concerns. "

Marcus Trufant

February 10, 2008 AUTOR: Marcus Trufant
NFC win Pro Bowl

2008: Matt Hasselbeck completes 7 of 9 passes for 78 yards and a touchdown to help the NFC win the Pro Bowl 42-30. Cornerback Marcus Trufant had five tackles to share team-high honors, while middle linebacker had Lofa Tatupu four tackles.

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April 14, 2011 AUTOR: Marcus Trufant
McCarver Elementary

The Trufant Family Foundation teams up with Read Across America Day at McCarver Elementary. Marcus Trufant of the Seattle Seahawks and Isaiah Trufant of the Philadelphia Eagles come back to the school they attended to read to the students.

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"Your support can be directed to one of our specific programs or we can direct it to where it is most needed. "

Lloyd Trufant

"Your support makes a difference in the lives of children and creates opportunities for them to be exposed to new ventures and aspirations that will enable them to make informed choices in life to support their family and improve the community."

Isaiah Trufant

Our Purpose

Our purpose for the Trufant Family Foundation is to host programs and fundraising events that provide ways for corporations and individuals to get involved and  donate to causes that make a positive impact in the lives of children; thereby, helping them to succeed  and making our community a better place to live in

September 7, 2009 AUTOR: Marcus Trufant
Marcus Trufant CB Tips

Marcus Trufant shares tips on how to be a great Cornerback.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help make dreams come true for disadvantaged youth and their families and to  build a personal connection and involvement with individuals and community programs that provide service to people who are most in need. We focus our energies in three major areas to help improve the quality of life for children  which include: College scholarships, Youth Football Programs and TruFitness Programs for Children and Adults. We support specific community programs, such as; the Boys and Girls Clubs, Hearts for Kids, and Sickle Cell Camp.

"Your support of The Trufant Family Foundation provides support to send youth to college and funding to ensure they stay in college by providing internship opportunities. Your support promotes the health and wellness of youth and adults by providing opportunities to participate in the TruFitness For Life program and the opportunity to help programs that support health and wellness of adults and youth."

Constance Trufant